8 SPS (8 Step Problem Solving)

8 STEP PROBLEM SOLVING training, We always improved our member how to manage problem, solve and enchanted it to become an opportunity. This is how we build our culture in PT. Tri graha Sealisindo for our customer benefit.

What is problem : Problem is a GAP between ideal situation from current situation.

Do not be easily satisfied with the current situation and we have to ask , ” is this correct? ” or ” what could be better ? “

Here is the 8 Steps what we are talking about:

  • Problem Classification
  • Problem Brake down
  • Set Target
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Countermeasure Planning
  • Do the countermeasure
  • Evaluation the result and process
  • Process standardization.

What we should do is following each steps by asking 5 why for better understanding of the problem. Here is the keys to get this are works:

  • Never put persons as cause of a problem
  • We should look the problem from inside (internal process), not seeing from the Outside
  • Try to brake down the problem base on the FACT not base from assumptions

Lets try to face the problem and solve it using 8 SPS…

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