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Gland Packing

Gaskets And Seals Specialist

We supply quality products for most of the important sectors globally which includes:
Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering, Marine & Offshore, Industrial and hardware

Gland packing is used extensively for the sealing and restriction of leakage along the stem in valves and the shaft in the case of pumps also for stationary duties like manhole cover sealing.

As one of leading manufacturer of 3Star Gland packing in Indonesia,  we provide various type of non asbestos gland packing which for used as sealing in the following applications:

  1. Stationary applications like tanks hatch cover sealing, manhole covers sealing, etc.
  2. Used for reducing leakage along the stem in globe valve, gate valve, and ball valves.
  3. Used for reducing leakage of the working fluid in reciprocating pumps.
  4. Used for reducing leakage of the working fluid in rotating pumps like centrifugal pumps, and screw and gear pumps.
  5. In propeller shaft sealing in life boats and on old generations of merchant ships.

All matter regarding designation of reducing leakage and sealing purpose consider in different applications, hence the type of gland packing shall consider also differs. The selection of Gland Packing also depends on media fluid to be handled like temperature, pressure, corrosiveness, and suspended solids, etc.

3Star brand has been the leader in technical innovation and a solution provider for Industrial Sealing Products.

In its endeavor to meet customers continuosly increasing demand for quality sealing products and to keep pace with the international environmental norms. 3Star now introduces a complete range of Non-Asbestos Gland Packings to cater to Pump and Valve users and original Equipment Manufactures

Overview of our extensive inventoried product range