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  • Removable Insulation Thermal Jacketing

    3 Star keep the heat in – Start saving today!

  • 3Star Expansion Joint

    3 Star keep the heat in – Start saving today!

  • Fluoroplastic Lining

    Industri we serve
    – Powerplant
    – Chemical Processing
    – Waste and Wastewater
    – Food Beverages

We go Forward

After 25 years we serve market needs of Indonesia and rest of the world, we currently do not stop until here, we are committed to providing products and after-sales service to each of our customers.

By working with one of the leading universities in Indonesia and adopt lean manufacturing technology we are committed to bring the innovation and continuous product improvement for better quality and price competitiveness to be able to compete in the global market competition.

And not just the product we offer to all our customer! but more to a right solution, yes, solution base product, that’s what we want to give to you all.


We are Manufacture

Manufacturers of Thermal Insulation, Gland Packing, Mechanical Seals, Metal Hoses, Fabric Expansion Joint products.

25 Years Experience

More than 25 years of experience in the Sealing Insulation Products and technologies as well as more than 500 staff members

Certified Experience

In all product ranges we are certified to ISO 9001:2008. Besides, we established an environmental management system for our company

Main Products

Lining – Coating

PTFE Lining, Thermoplastic Pipe, Fluoro Plastic Tank Lining, Fluoro Plastic Pipe

Sealing Product

Mechanical Seal, Gland Packing, Metallic & Semi Metallic Gasket, PHE Gasket

Flexible Joint

Expansion Joint Fabric, Flexible Hose, Corrugated Hose


Removable Thermal Jacketing, Glass Cloth, Thermal Tape, Ceramic Tape

Industry Application

Pulp and Paper, Power Plants, Refineries (Oil &Gas), Smelter Plant Cement Plant Chemical Processing Plants, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Many Other

Certificate Member

Fluid Sealing Association

We have been granted an

ISO Certification 9001:2008

Chevron Fugitive Emission Test (CFET), March 2013

Fugitive Gas Emission Gasket

Company Affiliate

We are an engineering and business development group with a diverse portfolio of companies that span the globe.