General Description

Fabric Expansion Joint

Product Definition

Fabric Expansion Joint is a flexible Joint which is specifically designed to withstand physical elongation on a ducting system caused by the increase of temperature, Thus, the primary function of Fabric Expansion Joint is to reduce the stress level applied to the ducting system due to these changes. Apart from its main function, Fabric Expansion Joint has other functionalities such as :

To connect ductings with misaligned conditions.
To withstand vibrations
Shock Absorber
In general, a Fabric Expansion Joint is comprised of the following basic materials :

Fabric Materials
Synthetic Elastomers
Insulation Material
Industry Applications
Fabric Expansion Joint are widely used in the Power Plant Industry. However, Continuous development in Design Concept, combined with the dynamic creativityof our Design Frame has put 3 Star Fabric Expansion Joints as a highly promising option to be widely used in many other applications. Our Fabric Expansion Joints have been applied in the loop of many other

Major industries such as :

Pulp and Paper
Power Plants
Refineries (Oil & gas)
Steel Mills
Cement Plants
Food Processing, and many others

Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joint
3 Star Fabric Expansion Joints offers a significant number of comparative advantages as opposed to Metallic Expansion Joints. This is partly due to the continuous development of our Fabric Expansion Joint Design Concepts which can cover a broader area of applications. The advantages can be construed as follows:

Technical Advantages
Commercial Advantages