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Zero Leakage Expansion Joint

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Zero Leakage Expansion Joint


Fabric expansion joint designed with minimal consideration of possible leaks in the system ducting connection to withstand movements due to temperature differences of the ducting. Leaks on fabric expansion joint commonly occurred from fabric expansion joint material itself, small gaps between the flanges brace construction of fabric or even the forming flange of fabric expansion joint.

On an application in some hydrocarbon processing industry or coal fire generating a lot of exhaust gas which has the properties of hazardous from flammable up to toxic as an example of them is are carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride etc. In this application requires Fabric expansion joint should not have the slightest leakage from either side of the material and its construction.


With the right design both in terms of material selection and construction, expansion joint that we designed are able to accommodate the needs of the application zero leakage of some processing industry. Zero Leakage expansion joint are constructed with material that has superior ability in mechanical strength and also high temperature up to 316 Deg C. Material are use is PTFE base with unique crossing film technology that laminated each film. Fabrication process especially on the flange for fabric expansion joint is the key of zero leakage application.

PTFE Film material is forming to become a flange shape without cutting or additional other material to get the size of the flange. In this case fabric expansion joint will be one pieces and have only 1 splicing joint at the end of completed. This provides a very large influence on the design of zero leakage fabric expansion joint. To install whole unit of expansion joint fabric are completed with high compressed gaskets that have a high ability to resist leakage resistance that also made from PTFE.